To be honest, I don't have a wealth of experience on the topic. I was introduced to it as a teenager by my boyfriend. It was something that he seemed consumed by. So after his parents went to bed, we went down to his rec room and we did it until my knees very nearly bled. i was reluctant to do it at first. It seemed very different from the physical relationship that my friends enjoyed with their boyfriends. I did it, quite honestly, just to make him happy. But then something clicked - I began to look forward to our night time rides. It just seemed exceptionally intimate.
I then didn't engage in that behaviour again until I took out an ad in an alternative newspaper here in Toronto about eight years ago. I got tons of responses. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the responses were from men in their late teens and early 20s. I was 30 at the time. For some reason, I don't find the same erotic thrill when the man is younger than me. I don't know why. The heavy guy that I wrote about was about 10 years older than me. And that appealed to me.
After placing the ad, I engaged in ponygirl activity for about a year with two of the men that responded. That eventually fizzled out and I haven't done it now for close to seven years. l do like spanking and hair-pulling (although my hair is short now and, I imagine, harder to pull).
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