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Nosebleeds in fiction
In anime and manga (Japanese-originating animation style), it is very common to see sexually/romantically-aroused characters suffering nosebleeds, sometimes intense ones. Sometimes referred as the Japanese Slapstick, this rarely occurs in real life, but is based on a Japanese "old wives' tale", which states that becoming sexually excited can cause nosebleeds. Such occurrences are generally played for laughs and signify "loserhood" and/or virginity. This conception regarding nosebleeds also exists in Chinese culture. The English trip-hop musician Tricky makes a reference to sexual arousal causing nosebleeds in the song "Abbaon Fat Tracks" in his 1995 record Maxinquaye. For example, in Detective Conan, involving a high school detective shrinking into a child from the ingestion of APTX-4869 from a crime syndicate. He currently lives with his "friend" Ran (Whom he actually loves, as so does she, but they refuse to admit it). She is unaware of his real identity, and often treats him like a kid. Because of this, there have been occurences when he has taken baths with her. When she mentions it, he gets a severe nosebleed. He also got a nosebleed when she mentioned her trip to a hotspring with him.